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4 Ways In Which Cybersecurity Consulting Protects Your Business

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How well is your business prepared against today's cybersecurity threats like ransomware? Malicious cyber actors are increasingly targeting small and medium businesses because they know they lack IT resources to implement robust cybersecurity defenses. As a result, your business needs to update its cybersecurity policies and tactics to counter these threats. The best route is to work with a cybersecurity consulting service. So how can cybersecurity consultants help protect your business?

Performing an Information Security Audit

An information security audit evaluates all processes, tasks, people, and devices that handle business information and data. It is a comprehensive exercise to identify vulnerabilities that malicious actors can use to compromise the business IT system and resources.

In this audit, the cybersecurity consultants will look at the weak points of your hardware and software, e.g., old routers and obsolete firewall apps. They will also test the staff for cybersecurity awareness. The audit reveals your weak points and enables remedial action like updating firewalls and training staff.

Training on Cybersecurity

While cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated, cyber defense products can largely keep up. Because of the difficulty in crafting credible cyber-attacks, hackers find it easier to target the human element with social engineering and phishing tactics. The human element is becoming the weakest link in many networks.

Cybersecurity consulting services conduct cybersecurity awareness training so that your staff is knowledgeable about different risks. For example, they will be taught to recognize a phishing email or the importance of scanning attachments before opening. A cyber-aware team can stop a large percentage of cyberattacks on your business.

Implement a Disaster Recovery Plan

How would your business recover from a ransomware attack or outright computer theft? These are the questions that a disaster recovery plan covers. Apart from cyberattacks, your business should also consider other disasters like fire or storm damage.

A cybersecurity consulting service helps craft a disaster recovery plan that ensures minimal disruption when a disaster happens. For example, they could recommend cloud storage and hosted desktop solutions to enable smooth recovery and transition.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

There are different regulations regarding client private data storage that your business must follow. For example, insurance services must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Failure to comply could lead to heavy financial and legal penalties.

Cybersecurity consultants ensure your business processes comply with these regulations and keep you updated whenever there are changes.

Would you like to implement robust cybersecurity defenses for your business? Talk to a cybersecurity consulting service about your concerns.