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3 Essential Factors Event Organizers Must Consider When Renting LCD TV Screen

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When planning an event such as a concert, trade show, or convention, LCD or LED screens must be part of your equipment list. You want to ensure your audience has a great experience, which is an excellent way of enhancing engagement. While there are many affordable LCD screens on the market, it's always wise to consider hiring your equipment for any event. Various factors go into the cost of hiring LCD screens. Read on for invaluable insights when considering LCD TV screen rentals for your events.

The Screen/Display Size

LCD TV screens come in various shapes and sizes, and it's crucial to find ones that will meet your event requirements. For instance, when hosting a large event like a convention, consider choosing LCD TV screens that are big enough even for the furthest seated guests to have crystal-clear views. Opting for small-sized screens means the attendees will feel disconnected and strain to keep up with the proceedings. 

Indoor vs. Outdoor LCD Screens

When choosing the types of screens to use on your outdoors, consider choosing the brightest ones which are highly visible under the sunshine. You can also opt for LCD screens that can withstand harsh elements like rain, wind, and dust.

Conversely, renting an LCD TV screen for your indoor events largely depends on user preferences. Sometimes, LCD projectors are ideal for any indoor event. But there are many LCD screens you can rent for various events, such as trade shows, conventions, sports events, and weddings. Luckily, renting most of them is cheaper and makes more financial sense than outdoor LCD rentals.

Structure of Your LCD Screens

The supporting structure for your screens is of great significance. You can rent portable displays that are mounted on a trailer or track. On the other hand, you can also rent modular structures that are usually erected onsite. Since they're designed using aluminum trusses, modular units are more common for indoor events and offer a wide range of custom options.

For event organizers who prefer location flexibility, mobile structures are ideal because they are cheaper to rent and set up. Besides, they give you the flexibility to adjust the LCD TV screen heights to audience-specific heights.

Final Thoughts

As an event organizer, you could benefit more from LCD TV screen rentals than buying the entire system. However, always keep in mind these three essential factors before signing the contract with your rental service. Additionally, don't forget to keep in mind labor and installation costs when opting for LCD TV screen rentals for your events.