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Software As A Service: Three Tips For Using Saas Software Solutions

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Business to business (B2B) software solutions have changed over time. In the past, you'd have to purchase the software and install it on your computer. Nowadays, the internet has made it possible for you to subscribe to different software solutions through what's known as Software as a Service, or SaaS. Typically, you'll be able to subscribe to a software service that you and workers will access through the internet through a regular internet browser. If you'd like to use these solutions for an e-commerce store, you'll have to use these SaaS tips before choosing anything.

Check Browser Compatibility

Among the first things to discover about various SaaS platforms is their ability to be compatible with your existing work environment, particularly your browser. If your entire office uses the Firefox browser, will a particular SaaS platform require that you install the Chrome browser, to use its service? If you or most of your e-commerce store customers access your site via mobile phones and tablets, can a SaaS platform accommodate that? Look for software which will work without having to make dozens of changes to your computers and usage.

Ask About Migrations

If there comes a time when your e-commerce store outgrows the SaaS platform you're using or you simply find a better solution, you'll need to be able to migrate customer information, sales figures and other details to the new software. You don't want to have to have to create everything from scratch. Therefore, before choosing a SaaS platform, find out what options they have for data migration. Some platforms allow you to save all your e-commerce data to .csv files, for instance. 

Ask About Glitches and Downtime

One challenge with SaaS platforms is that if you're using it for a store that is constantly accepting customers, it needs to work all the time. If the software isn't accessible to you, it could cost you sales. Before subscribing to a B2B SaaS platform, ask about that. Find out the last time that the software glitched or went down. How did they handle it? How soon was the software online again? How did they address concerns, from companies like yours? When you know that a SaaS platform has a solid plan for inevitable problems, it can be a more attractive B2B solution for your business.

B2B e-commerce SaaS software solutions can help your e-commerce store succeed. Ensure you utilize the above information, so your decisions regarding these platforms can be made in good faith.