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Tips For Safely Using Your New MSAT-G2 Mobile Satellite Radio At Your Remote Gold Mine

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If you are gold mining or doing other work far out in the remote wilderness and have purchased a new MSAT-G2 mobile satellite radio for use in the case of an emergency situation, then follow these tips to safely and effectively do so:

Tip: Never Stand in the Path of the Antenna when Transmitting to a Satellite

When your new MSAT-G2 radio is transmitting its signal to and from an orbiting satellite, the antenna creates a radio frequency electromagnetic field that can be harmful to human health. To prevent injury from this field, you should never stand in the path between the antenna and the sky. Additionally, you should not use the radio if anyone else is within its path.

Tip: Never Use the MSAT-G2 Radio During a Storm or If It Gets Wet

Since your new satellite radio uses a battery pack that can give you an electric shock if it comes into contact with water, you should never use it during a rainstorm or thunderstorm. If your radio has lightning arresters or grounding straps, then they must always be utilized when the radio is in use.

In addition to the above, if the radio unit is accidentally submerged in the water of your mine tailing pond, a lake, or a river, then it should not be used until you are positive it has dried out and is safe to use.

Tip: Ensure No One at Your Mine Site has a Pacemaker Installed Before Using a Satellite Radio

The radio waves created when you use a satellite radio can interfere with the functioning of a pacemaker. For this reason, it is vital you ask everyone on your mine site if they have one installed. If you have any mine staff who do have a pacemaker, then you should never use a satellite radio when they are present. Doing so could cause their pacemaker to malfunction and this could lead to a serious injury or death.

Tip: Never Use the MSAT-G2 Satellite Radio When Blasting or When Fused Explosives are Present 

Finally, it is important to note you should never use a satellite radio or other device that gives off radio frequency energy when you are blasting at the mine or have fused explosives present. The radio waves can cause your explosives to accidentally ignite and explode. This can damage your mine site and can be very dangerous for your staff.