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What Are Your Telecommunications Career Options?

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You aren't limited to any specific industry when choosing a career in telecommunications – the following are a few options that you might be interested in:

Play a Role in Enhancing Education

There are many career paths you can choose to take in the education industry that would help make a difference in peoples' lives, no matter what kind of background they have. Whether you want to enrich the educational value of college lectures or ensure that important information is widely available to high school kids, you can help get the job done through a telecommunications career. Consider doing something such as:

  • Plan and Create Multimedia Curriculum

  • Become a Disc Jockey for a College Radio Station

  • Create Text Books for School Publication

And if you enjoy writing, consider becoming a Technical Writer for College Scientists –you may even get published in a popular scientific magazine.

Participate in Creating Entertainment

If you love going to the movies and immersing yourself in popular television shows, you may have interest in pursuing a telecommunications job in the entertainment industry. There are a variety of ways you can get involved with creating entertainment for the masses through a telecommunications career. Consider becoming a television director for a show you're already passionate about, or one that's brand new to the industry. You can also:

  • Program radio or television stations

  • Edit video and audio for music videos

  • Be a game or talk show announcer

  • Report the news on television

  • Sell advertising space for newspapers, television channels, and movie theaters

Starting a telecommunications career in the entertainment industry can even lead to the opportunity to audition for small parts in the programs you help produce.

Keep Your Community Connected

Find a rewarding career in telecommunications by helping to keep your community connected through a variety of media outlets. You can create and manage websites for business owners in your area so they can more easily reach their customers, or become a publisher for your local news stations so people can keep up with the latest information online.

Maybe you'd enjoy managing social media accounts for companies and promoting their businesses through various online outlets. Or maybe becoming an investigative reporter for your community will provide you with the satisfaction you're seeking.

No matter what area of telecommunications you might be interested building a career in, you can talk with a specialist in the industry today to learn more about how you can get your foot in the door.