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Own An Independent Trucking Company? 4 Reasons You Should Be Using Trucking Software For Your Business Records

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When you're an independent truck driver, you can't afford to make mistakes. Even a minor mistake can leave you facing serious problems. Unfortunately, if you're not using software programs for your day-to-day business records, you could be exposing yourself to costly mistakes. Here are just four of the ways that software programs can improve your business, and streamline your expenses.

Avoid Mileage Errors

When you're a truck driver, you need your mileage records to be accurate down to the last mile. If you're still computing your mileage with a paper and pencil, your records might not be as accurate as they need to be. That's why you need to be using a software program for your mileage. With computer-generated reports, you'll be able to quickly and accurately input all your miles on a daily basis. When it comes time to access those mileage records, you'll know that you haven't missed anything.

Keep Track of Your Maintenance Records

When it comes to running an independent trucking company, you can't afford to miss out on necessary truck maintenance. If you're not using a software program, you're going to have a hard time keeping track of the maintenance your truck requires. Unfortunately, if your truck misses out on its maintenance appointments, it could end up on the side of the road, and you could be out of business. Don't get sidelined by mechanical problems. Utilize trucking software programs to keep on top of your routine maintenance needs.

Monitor Your Expense Reports

When you own an independent trucking company, you rely on accurate expense reports. You can't afford to have surprise deductions from your business account, or to get stuck with penalties because you missed a payment. That's one of the reasons that trucking software programs are essential to your business. With a software program, you can input your expenses into the system as soon as you incur them. You can also arrange for automatic payment notifications, so that you can keep on top of your business expenditures.

Reduce the Occurrence of IFTA Issues

When you travel throughout the United States and into Canada, you're going to be affected by the International Fuel Tax Agreement, or IFTA. Unfortunately, if you're not keeping accurate fuel records, you could be hit with penalties and fines at the end of the year. However, when you utilize trucking company software programs, you're able to keep accurate fuel records, which reduces your risk of incurring fuel tax fines and penalties.

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