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Business IT: Is It The Right Career Path For You?

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Are you looking for a new career? Are you technologically savvy? If so, you might want to consider a career in business information technology, also known as business IT. People who pursue this career will learn how to develop and use computers to solve problems with the business and handle managerial problems. There are several graduate and undergraduate degrees that you can earn should you choose to become a professional in business information technology. This guide goes over the type of courses you will learn while studying for this career, job opportunities, and more.

School Programs

Most universities and other schools will offer a few different options geared towards the Business Information Technology program. There are typically two main options that you can center your focus on:

Supply Chain Management and Operations – The students learn the basics of operation and supply chain management. The program teaches how to use logistics and data analytics to increase the efficiency and productivity of the business. Students will learn about how to forecast sales and operations, inventory control, and how to utilize technology tools to handle the supply chain for the business.

Decision Support Systems – In this program, the students learn how to use information systems on the computer. The students use decision support systems that are typically used by company managers to increase productivity. The systems use data mining and data analytics to make the decisions. This information is key to managerial positions.

Careers Prospect

Once you have finished your required schooling, you can branch off and start seeking your career. There are several different industries that need people who have degrees in Business Information Technology. Some of the careers available to you are:

  • Management consultant

  • Computer systems manager

  • Database administrator

  • Computer systems analyst

  • Network administrator

  • Data scientist

  • Software developer

As you can see, the type of jobs ranges from many different areas and industries. You can work for private firms, businesses, or even the government. As the technology world grows, there will always be a need for someone with a Business Information Technology degree.

The coursework for a Business Information Technology degree may be difficult, but the end result is well worth it. As of 2017, the average pay for someone in this field made approximately $67,480 USD. This does not include bonuses or other incentives. Of course, the pay also is based on experience, the company, and other factors.